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I have taught a range of courses in Communication Studies and Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies



I have taught several rotating graduate seminars: 

  • Queer Geographies & Ecologies examines constructs of nature, environment, and energy in queer studies 

  • Queer and Trans Public Culture examines queer and trans critique as a mode of contesting, negotiating, and remaking cultural imaginations and practices of intimacy, public life, and lived social worlds.  

  • Place, Power, and Public Culture examines spatial theories from the standpoint of feminist, queer, disability, Indigenous & abolitionist spatial approaches to long standing questions of public culture. 

  • Rhetoric of the Body examines a genealogy of the figure of the body and embodiment in social theory & political thought 



At the undergraduate level, I have taught four courses: 

  • Gender, Sexuality, and Space is an intermediate course that examines the intersecting frameworks of feminist geography and environmental justice 

  • Trans & Queer Ecologies: Cultural Politics of Environment is an intermediate course that examines how queer, trans, and disability studies connect to conversations about climate futures

  • Movements, Protests, & Resistance is an intermediate course that examines the rhetoric of varying social movements across time 

  • Burnout, Productivity, Care is a capstone that critically examines the culture of "burnout" as embedded in productivity regimes, and as an object of critical public discourse. 

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