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July 20, 2022

Here are publishers’ descriptions of 20 books — most released in the past 18 months, plus a few forthcoming titles and one classic read — that address the intersection of feminism and the environment, explore the female side of nature, or seek to encourage women activists, leaders and naturalists. Many of these volumes will help inspire, while some will shine a light on ignored aspects of nature. And critically, a few of these books are written for the next generation, who now have another of our messes to repair.

December 1, 2020

Discussing the implications of North Carolina's HB2 "Bathroom Bill": “When you look at the history of LGBTQ communities and identity formation, we’ve always been policed,” E. Cram, a communications professor at the University of Iowa who researches queerness in rural areas, told me. “We’ve always had to live our lives in excess of the law.”.... “For people who are able-bodied and cisgender, they take for granted the ease of accessing a public space,” Cram said. These laws “regulate what bodies are permissible to move through public space.”

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